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It’s the Ideology, My Friends


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its-the-ideology-my-friendsFamily Security Matters:


May 24, 2013


Major General Michael Nagata is the Deputy Director for Special Operations/Counterterrorism on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. While that position represents many years of distinguished accomplishment in the military for which he should be congratulated, consider these 10 rather undistinguished words, for which he should be chastised, that he offered to the Senate Armed Services Committee on May 16, 2013:


"The United States is not at war with an idea...."

I am very sorry to say that an otherwise splendid warrior who would declare this represents a highly disturbing sign that the Jihadi Salafist strategy has achieved a significant goal: blinding our highest officials to the threat Jihadis pose to our freedoms.


If I were Commander-in-Chief for a day, I would assign the General to KP for that statement. I'd then order a homework assignment - that he give me a book report, first, on the stellar *"Future Jihad - Terrorist Strategies Against America" by Dr. Walid Phares. I'd also ask for reports on the many excellent seminars presented to CENTCOM, SOCOM; and on the internal analyses and publications made available to US Special Forces and considered as strategic consensus over the past decade. Then, I would require him to explain why the ideas in Chapter 9 of "Future Jihad", and other similar books by experts who testified to the US Congress over several years, do not leap from their pages with clarity on the origins of Boston foot-dragging, or the scrubbed Benghazi Talking Points, or the misdirection of the video patsy, the tentative Department of Defense response to Islamist violence against Americans at an ill-protected Libyan Potemkin Village or the outrage and horror of the machete attack in London this past Wednesday. The ideas on which we should declare war, or at least strategize our confrontation to the ideology of al Qaeda and its allies and supporters, are the six Jihadi strategic ideas. They are economic, ideological, political, intelligence, subversive, and diplomatic.


For context, here is the General's testimony on key points (emphases mine):




*Future Jihad: Terrorist Strategies Against America

Walid Phares



And if I may strongly suggest...


The War of Ideas: Jihadism against Democracy

Walid Phares


The Confrontation: Winning the War against Future Jihad

Walid Phares


Not saying you Must Read these.....I will however suggest they are Well Worth The Time Spent.

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