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The future of an illusion


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the-future-of-an-illusion.phpPower Line: Scott Johnson



As ABC and other news outlets had it, the White House billed President Obamas speech at the National Defense University on the status of our efforts to thwart agitated acolytes of a certain belief system as The Future of Our Fight Against Terrorism (for that lapse into Bushspeak regarding Terrorism, read Violent Extremists). The White House text of the speech is posted here without a title.


I thought the speech might more aptly have borrowed its title from Freuds take on religion: The Future of an Illusion would be more like it. Paul ably dissected the speech and collected astute commentary on it in Obama signals retreat in the war against terrorism.


The quality of the thought on display was Lennonist. The small print on the sign below doesnt quite come into focus. The sign reads WAR IS OVER! IF YOU WANT IT.






Beginning with the assertion that war is inseparable from the human condition, Victor Hanson proceeds to explain the ways in which the American way of war is distinctive.

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