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Obama’s Scandals and Saul Alinsky


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obamas-scandals-and-saul-alinskyFrontPage Magazine : Obama’s Scandals and Saul Alinsky

May 22, 2013 By Jack Kerwick

To order David Horowitz’s pamphlet, Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution: The Alinksy Model, click here.


In recent weeks, scandal after scandal has rocked Barack Obama’s administration. His presidency might be imperiled.


Or it might not be.


Obama steadfastly remains an activist, a “community organizer.” Nor has he forgotten that which he learned from the godfather of all community organizers, Saul Alinsky.


In his Rules for Radicals, Alinsky writes that the goal “of the organizer is to maneuver and bait the establishment so that it will publicly attack him as a ‘dangerous enemy.’”


Now, given that he is the President of the United States, Obama’s should be recognized by the world as the face of “the establishment.” Obama, though, does not want this, for to be associated with “the establishment” is to be identified with the status quo, politics as usual. But Obama promised hope, change, and even “the fundamental transformation” of America. To make good on this promise, he needs the support of the electorate Scissors-32x32.png


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