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The Bystander President


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052113-657022-obama-the-innocent-bystander-in-oval-office.htmInvestors Business Daily:

Leadership: Is Barack Obama the president or not? If you were visiting from another planet, you'd have to wonder. He says he learns what his government is doing from the news, and seems detached from his role as leader.

Let's take Obama at his word (for now) that he didn't know his Justice Department was spying on reporters. Or that his IRS agents were targeting his political enemies. Or that al-Qaida was attacking his diplomats — after they'd asked for more protection, which he also didn't know about.

The ignorance and incompetence defense looks just as bad as guilt. The president does not look like someone involved and in charge of his administration.

He seems like an incompetent manager of his people.

And someone who garners little respect from them. He says he's angry IRS employees harassed conservative taxpayers, which means they went against his wishes. Which means his people are going rogue.

Who's minding the store? Not Obama.Scissors-32x32.png

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