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Congress to Consider National Anti-Infanticide Bill


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congress-consider-national-anti-infanticide-bill_724796.html?nopager=1The Weekly Standard:

Bill would generally prohibit abortions after the fifth month of pregnancy.


May 17, 2013


Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona announced Friday afternoon that he will introduce a bill that would ban abortions after the fifth month of pregnancy (20 weeks after conception) nationwide--with exceptions for when the life or physical health of the mother is at risk.


Why 20 weeks? Franks's bill points out that the child in utero is very developed at that point. Medical science indicates that at 20 weeks, if not earlier, a baby can feel pain. Some infants born that early survive long-term.




Although congressional Republicans usually prefer state laws to federal laws, the 2003 partial-birth abortion ban passed Congress with the support of even the staunchest federalists, including former congressman Ron Paul of Texas. The Gosnell trial highlighted the need for federal laws regulating late-term abortions because the state of Pennsylvania turned a blind eye to Gosnell's "house of horrors." Gosnell's abortion facility was not inspected by the Pennsylvania government for 17 years. A resolution introduced by Sen. Mike Lee of Utah and Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania called on Congress to "evaluate the extent to which such abortions involve violations of the civil right to life of infants who are born alive or are capable of being born alive, and therefore are entitled to equal protection under the law."

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Former abortionist tells Congress: Ban late-term abortions

Ed Morrissey



Via Greg Hengler, this testimony to the Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice may be even more chilling than some of the testimony at Kermit Gosnells trial. In part, thats because former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levantino describes the normal process of later-term abortions, and not just the supposedly outlier practices of Gosnell and his co-defendants. Levantino, speaking in support of a bill to ban all abortions after 20 weeks offered by Rep. Trent Franks in response to the exposure of the Gosnell case and others like it, dispassionately describes how abortionists tear fetuses apart limb from limb in such procedures:




LifeNews has the transcript of the testimony:



Note: This is pretty graphic description. Be Warned.

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