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A Case for Impeachment? Not Even Close


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?singlepage=truePJ Media:


What is driving the right to emulate the worst tactics of the left?

Rick Moran



“May you be cursed to live in interesting times,” says the fake Chinese proverb. But this is getting ridiculous — and embarrassing, if you’re a conservative.


Liberals made idiots of themselves during the Bush years believing that every revelation that “proved” “Bush lied, people died” would rid the country of the smirking Texan by way of impeachment. The American people, in their righteous anger, would rise up and smite the illegitimate cowboy (and his sidekick, Darth Cheney), bringing down his regime — with the help of Democrats who only wanted what was best for the country. Of course, they never mentioned that with Bush and Cheney out of the way, Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would become president. Little details like that always got lost in the shuffle.


Recall the snark on conservative websites this idiocy elicited at the time. The right had a gay old time rattling liberals’ cages, making helpful suggestions as to which Marx brother might lead the effort to convict Bush and Cheney in the Senate, and other sound pieces of advice. A good time was had by all in portraying the left to be unhinged, out of touch, and out of their minds.



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