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Good news: Journalism museum to honor two members of Hamas TV


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good-news-journalism-museum-to-honor-two-members-of-hamas-tvHot Air:




Ever heard of Al-Aqsa TV? You may think you haven’t, but if you’re a longtime HA reader I’ll bet you have. They’re responsible for the charming children’s characters Farfour, the Jew-hating mouse; Nahoul, the Jew-hating bee; and Assud, the Jew-eating rabbit. Apart from their stellar children’s programming, they’re known for Holocaust revisionism and various forms of pro-terrorist/anti-semitic propaganda. Per Philip Klein, the Treasury Department designated Al-Aqsa TV as an arm of Hamas three years ago and therefore subjected it to U.S. sanctions imposed on officially recognized terrorist groups. (“Treasury will not distinguish between a business financed and controlled by a terrorist group, such as Al-Aqsa Television, and the terrorist group itself.”) There are dozens upon dozens of clips from the channel archived at MEMRI TV for being especially fragrant examples of televised jihadist filth.


Last year, two Al-Aqsa employees were killed by the IDF during its operations in Gaza. Were they “merely” terrorist propagandists, or actual terrorists themselves using the cover of media to carry out an attack? Doesn’t matter to the Newseum: They’re going up on the wall of honor for journalists killed in the line of duty. Just like Daniel Pearl.




Exactly. If Hamas TV is a legit journalistic endeavor, why isn’t Inspire? If these two qualify as journalists, why isn’t Anwar al-Awlaki, who allegedly came up with the idea for Inspire, a “news executive”? Why isn’t Samir Khan, who quite probably wrote the bomb-making instructions used by the Tsarnaevs to kill people in Boston, an “editor”? One of the main critiques of the White House for targeting Awlaki is that they’ve never gone public with evidence that he was planning actual terror attacks rather than preaching jihadi propaganda. If propaganda is “journalism,” put him up on the memorial too. Let’s see the Newseum really own its standards by including a name the general public will recognize.




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