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Obama says economy is ‘poised for progress’ during manufacturing push in Texas


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obama-push-manufacturing-institutes-government-data-changes-during-133740804.htmlYahoo News: As Washington remained mired in battles over immigration, the budget and other matters, President Barack Obama on Thursday kicked off a public tour focused on jobs and the economy with a visit to Texas to champion a new manufacturing initiative.

In a speech at Manor New Tech High School near Austin, Texas—the first stop in a series of visits billed by the White House as the president's "Middle Class Jobs & Opportunity Tours”—Obama said much work needs to be done to lower unemployment, lift income levels and strengthen the economy.

But he delivered an optimistic message, noting recent improvements in the economy, including news the country had its lowest unemployment rate in four years. He also noted growth in energy and other sectors, and recovery in the housing market.

"You might not know this, because if you listen to all the doom and gloom in Washington and politics, and watching cable TV sometimes you might get kind of thinking nothing is going right. But the truth is there's a lot of reasons for us to feel optimistic about where we're headed as a country," Obama said. "We're poised for progress."



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