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the-d-teamAmerican Spectator:

IT MAY HAVE BEEN inauguration weekend, but the minds of many at the Iowa State Society Ball were already four years in the future.

A leading presidential candidate for 2016 was in their midst, working the crowd, welcomed with adulation by all. Riding a wave of energy, this political maestro took the stage with Iowa’s congressional delegation and, his suit crackling under the klieg lights, gave a fiery address that left his audience swelled with hope and wondering whether they’d gazed upon the next leader of the free world.

“I am proud to be president of the United States, but I am prouder to be Barack—I mean, excuse me,” Joe Biden said with a grin. “I am proud to be vice president of the United States, but I am prouder to be…President Barack Obama’s vice president.”

The Iowans went wild.Scissors-32x32.png

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