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ACORN Clones Secretly Advising Obama's Credit Cops


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041113-651585-acorn-clones-secretly-advising-credit-cops.htmInvestors Business Daily:

The federal credit watchdog agency created by financial reforms to help prevent another crisis is taking key housing policy advice from some of the same militant housing-rights activists who promoted risky subprime lending before the crisis.

The radical activists play a formal — and often secretive — role in influencing policy at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an agency that has the power to police virtually every financial transaction in the U.S. for "fairness."

Over the past six months, they've met behind closed doors with top CFPB officials to help draft aggressive new "fair-lending" enforcement rules.

They are among the 25 taxpayer-compensated members of a recently impaneled Consumer Advisory Board that was set up to provide "information, analysis and recommendations" to CFPB.Scissors-32x32.png

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