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The Chicago Roots of Obama's (and America's) Political Ideology


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the_chicago_roots_of_obamas_and_americas_political_ideology.htmlAmerican Thinker:


President Obama lives at a time when there are two very different and very well-defined political ideologies. On the one hand, the GOP is fighting for spending contraints, limited regulation, and more personal economic choice. President Obama and his party are more determined than any administration in U.S. history to promote and execute the idea that federal government is best suited to both meet the needs of the people and run the economy.

The most fascinating aspect of this yin and yang pull of ideologies is not just that they are taking place at this time in history, but that Barack Obama, with his Chicago past, is perhaps the only politician who has inherited both the ideology of social justice and the expectation of one-party domination to propel this dynamic to such heights.

His ideology -- that one's social group is the most effective determinant of one's destiny -- has its roots in Chicago. While some may say that Saul Alinsky and Frances Fox Piven, not Chicago; were the original catalysts for the political activist point of view, the interesting fact is that Alinsky and Piven are graduates of the University of Chicago; the university where Barack Obama taught constitutional law as a lecturer, and in whose neighborhood he bought a home. Today he can walk to the university from his house.

That some of the major players in sociopolitical activism came from Chicago is no coincidence. In fact, the academic field of sociology; the study of the characteristics of groups of people, started at the U. of Chicago in 1892. And The American Journal of Sociology, founded in 1895, is the oldest and still the most prestigious academic journal in its field.Scissors-32x32.png

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Ditto - plus he left out the fact that Obama was chosen and destined to be president one day when he was a community activist. Everyone from the overwhelmingly young and liberal media to the overwhelmingly Democrat political machinery to the liberal progressive mindset and liberal guilt of the voting citizens of Crook County to the unions which dominate Chicago all collided to make the o the one. Read Biden's description of the o.

He is the biggest deception and delusion to ever hit the United States of America.

As a friend said last night - here is this half black/half white President given the opportunity to heal and unite who has chosen to recognize only the black half. We are the most divided ever in our history.

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