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“Accurate But Sexist”


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accurate-but-sexistHouse of Eratosthenes :

April 5th, 2013


Confirmed: We are in the middle of a revolution, after which, you will not be allowed to notice good-looking women are good-looking. Even America’s First Holy President is not safe.




No, I don’t think so. I’ll defend the President on this one. If He’s falling all over Himself gushing over her job qualifications, and in the middle of all that happens to notice she’s good looking, there’s nothing wrong with this. And I have to say, I’m rather suspicious of anybody who thinks so. When the PerfectWorldTM doesn’t have any good-looking women in it, or the good-looking women it does have, nobody’s supposed to notice how good-looking they are, my interest in living in that world plunges downward even further.


It’s the kind of social-revolution objective that can’t be stated: “We want to get rid of pretty women,” or “We don’t want anyone noticing out loud that women are beautiful.” The best job you can do of polishing that turd is “We don’t want women judged on their looks,” but there you run into the same problem feminism always has: Too much control. Nobody is supposed to judge women on their looks, anywhere? From sea to shining sea? How many deputies do you plan to hire for that enforcement project?


It’s also sexist, in a way. Think about it: Once you’ve made sure women aren’t judged for their looks, are you gonna do the same for the fellas? Oof. There’s a project. And it’s a check mate; if you say no, you’re discriminating, and if you say yes…well, you have to fight a lot of people. Feminists, among them.







Welcome to the new and improved non judgment world.




If this keeps up I'm going to need A. a new wall B. a plate in my head.



H/T Maggies Farm

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