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WH slammed for upcoming concert; are critics justified?


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With the White House gearing up to host its 51st-ever "In Performance" concert event, right-leaning news organizations this week are after the first family for "rolling out the red carpet" for Hollywood A-listers while simultaneously buttressing its chains to the doors of the White House visitors' entrance.


On Tuesday, the administration announced that the next installment of the concert series on April 9 will be themed "Memphis Soul," and will feature performers like Al Green, Justin Timberlake and Queen Latifah. Within 24 hours, conservative websites were blasting out stories bemoaning the administration's decision to go ahead with the concert "despite" the continued suspension of public White House tours as a casualty of last month's sequester cuts.


"White House to host concert for Hollywood's elite despite sequester budget cuts," "First Couple hosts celeb-filled concert amid sequestration" and "White House throwing star-studded concert despite sequester," screamed headlines on Red Alert Politics, the Daily Caller and FoxNews.com, respectively.


Sean Hannity's Fox News show Wednesday called up an image of President Obama sneering smugly beside a house-made graphic reading, "Party Time!" Hannity weighed in: "What happened to the 'fair share' stuff, and 'skin-in-the-game stuff,' and 'it's our patriotic duty' stuff, and 'we have to spread the wealth around' stuff? How about we spread the wealth around so kids can go to the White House and get a tour?



Ladies and gentlemen, the defense rests.

I guess this means that CBS admits it is a liberal network. Bold is mine.

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Behold the destructive power of this sequester, or something

Ed Morrissey



We have now gone five weeks into the sequester, and had all the pre-trigger hysteria been even close to correct, our nation’s capital should have looked something like a cross between Grapes of Wrath and Soylent Green. (“The federal budget is people!!!“) Reason’s Kennedy visits Washington DC to discover how cutting the rate of increase in federal spending has reduced the Beltway to a post-apocalyptic existence, perhaps with Tina Turner in charge of Capitaldome — two parties enter, one party leave.







Well, perhaps I’m being a bit harsh. After all, Barack Obama offered to share in the pain of federal workers by voluntarily cutting his pay 5%. That didn’t impress Dana Milbank, who wondered why Obama isn’t parting with the other 95%:




So what should Obama get paid for all the hard work he puts into being President? Oddly, Milbank puts that value at about the same level as most Hot Air readers:


During World Wars I and II, there were “dollar-a-year men” who left lucrative private-sector careers to serve their country in Washington. If Obama really wants to share in the furloughed workers’ “sacrifice,” he should follow that honorable example and give back all but a dollar of his $400,000 salary. When he leaves office, he’ll be able to earn it back with a couple days’ work.



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