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Study: Street Gangs Behind Gun Violence


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study-street-gangs-behind-gun-violence.htmlFriends Of Ours:



The mass hysteria within the Democrat party over gun violence inexplicably fails to acknowledge street gangs as the primary driver in the bloody carnage.


A new study released by the University of Cincinnati Institute of Crime Science found that in Baton Rouge, LA "43 percent of the 199 murders occurring between September 2010 and October 2012 were confirmed to be 'gang-member involved murders,' and "an additional 12 percent of the killings were found to 'likely' be 'gang-member involved murders,' a classification that includes homicides in which the victim or suspect is a known gang member" as reported by Jim Mustian for The Advocate.


Herbert "Tweety" Anny, the Director of the Baton Rouge Area Violence Elimination project which commissioned the study, says "they're the groups that are most likely to either shoot somebody or to get shot themselves."



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