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The Manufactured Authority of the Nanny State


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the_manufactured_authority_of_the_nanny_state.htmlAmerican Thinker:

Lately, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been the chief spokesman touting the merits and necessity of a Utopian nanny state. In a moment of honesty, he said while making a recent appearance on NBC, "I do think there certain times when we should infringe on your freedom." [Emphasis added]

"We," of course, means the government. It is impossible to miss the separation he envisions between "you" and the government which he represents, and it's clear which of these two he imagines to be in charge. He was specifically speaking about his recent proposal to ban the sale of sugary drinks containing more than sixteen ounces, which was wrongfully blocked by a judge, he claims. But we can assume that this general opinion would apply equally well to his other social initiatives to infringe upon American freedoms, such as the freedom to own firearms, or the freedom to feed your child formula rather than breast milk. The implication is that government knows best, and in regard to whatever social reforms the government thinks might be best for the collective, coerced social conformity is of the highest priority, and individual liberty is a secondary concern.Scissors-32x32.png

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