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Blue States Sinking


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blue-states-sinkingAmerican Spectator:

Last week the national Republican Party issued a report on why it lost the 2012 presidential election. The report belongs in the paper shredder. Look at a map of the U.S. and you’ll see why. The Republican Party is already on the way to dominating presidential politics. Red states are on the rise, and blue states are sinking.

In politics, demography is destiny. The biggest mistake the GOP could make is to change course and abandon its current policies. It will soon control an electoral college majority.

Americans are voting with their feet to live in Republican-run states with low taxes, pro-business environments, and job-producing fossil-fuel production. This migration will produce a huge gain for the GOP in congressional seats and electoral college votes. The U.S. Census shows that from 2000 to 2010, Americans fled Democratic-controlled states on the East Coast, the West Coast, and the Great Lakes region to make their homes in Republican-controlled states with pro-growth policies.Scissors-32x32.png

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I am so sick of this stuff! The navel gazing about our decline or rise is immaterial and completely self-defeating. Stop blaming each other, the press, the debauchery of our culture. Quit trying to polish "the brand." CHANGE PEOPLE'S PERSPECTIVES.


We will win or lose on the relevance of our core principles to regular people in this country. There are five easy questions we need to answer. All of these need to be answered for ALL classes in three sentences or less without using jargon.


1. What is "a smaller government" and how does it make my life better and give my child a better life than I have?


2. If the government doesn't take care of us, who will?


3. Why shouldn't everyone have the same outcome and people who are needy be taken care of?


4. What is the role of federal and state government in my life?


5. How do you suggest we should right injustice?



If we can succinctly and with a new outlook answer those questions, focus on answering those questions we have a clear opportunity to take our message to the masses. If we continue to focus on tiny political arguments its not going to happen. Period.

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OR we could just bring in @Valin to ask "one little question.™"


Pat. Pend. smile.png


Excellent questions! The problem is too many people on our side would rather substitute name calling for debate. Karl Rove is not the anti-christ & the Tea party is not full of slack jawed mouth breathers.

This name calling does nothing but bring smiles over at the DNC.

Yes Todd Akin did something really stupid, he opened his mouth before he engaged his brain.

Karl, you're not as smart and cleaver as you think you are. You barely won in 2000 and the only reason you won in 2004 is...well lets face it John Kerry is an idiot.

And for the 100%ers...Minnesota is not Mississippi, that is one of the reasons Mark Dayton is sitting in the Governors mansion today.


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