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Why We Don't Need Grill Marks, And Why You Should Flip Often


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Why We Don't Need Grill Marks, And Why You


"To Everything (Turn, Turn, Turn), There is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn), And a time to every purpose, under Heaven." Turn! Turn! Turn! by the Byrds, lyrics by Pete Seeger, based on Eccliastes

By Meathead

Should Flip Often





All the grocery ads, all the restaurant ads, all the grill ads show beautiful steaks and burgers with cross hatched grill marks. Restaurants can buy premarked chicken that they can microwave and serve, and cooking mags and cookbooks teach readers how to get great grill marks.




Look at the three ribeyes on this page. Doesn't ribeye #1 create a Pavlovian response? Yes, that's what grill marks do. But I'm here to tell you, ribeye #2 will taste a lot better.


What gives?


Why grill marks are overrated (most of the time)



When it comes to meats, and many other foods, the goal is golden to brown color on as much surface as possible. Dark brown crusts on grilled meat are the most flavorful part because dark brown is the result of changes in the chemistry of the meat. Called the Maillard reaction and caramelization, browning occurs when heat changes the structure of amino acids, proteins, and sugars, creating hundreds of new really tasty compounds. We call that searing, and the result is a crust that to many of us is the highlight of the meal. When it comes to most foods, brown is beautiful.


Those beautiful grill marks are merely superficial branding, just coloring on the surface – Scissors-32x32.png http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=0011cl7nOjSZDoMRnpHAW0-Jv3LE6l4p9eGPm7WzlA7C3QqK7iPTQ8S9shtwfrvjJ-1977N_f0pAQgf51oRHNbO-arperKaWVavLNwzfHpTDxyP7ytqDWxE0c1TEtND1K7Wen3AAa7urVJUyKEFTDh4_TcMc00LJ9wO2M-BXC7cHfrWAyOHTOvl9Or-LcIzcIJPBy_R_S8PLrYzj_8oKMMrPm-of63NY4TekmxaaIWGB-mXD59v3lGcW6sQxyv8xQcYeyhi9rtqivajFB3ql4aEWIK3DzTc2OCn3vTkGCSp4BU=

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@Draggingtree @Valin @clearvision


So if we rig up an electric drill with a large bit and stick a beef filet on it and spin that sucker at 1,800 rpm over a grill that it should turn out to be just about perfect.....

LMFAO.gif by the way in this newsletter some other good cooking tips cool.png
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