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Unhappy Birthday for Obamacare


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unhappy-birthday-obamacare-john-fundNational Review:

Obamacare marked its third birthday last Saturday.



It is now even less popular than when it barely passed Congress in March 2010. The Kaiser Health Tracking Poll, which has always shown the highest support for Obamacare of any major poll, found that 46 percent of Americans approved it when it originally passed. Kaiser’s latest survey this month finds that only 37 percent approve. Breaking that down, only 18 percent of Republicans and 31 percent of independents have a favorable opinion of the health-care reform. Among Democrats, only 58 percent like Obamacare overall. By a margin of about 2 to 1, those who responded to the Kaiser poll believe that health-care costs will rise and the quality of health care will decline in coming years, exactly the opposite of what President Obama promised.Scissors-32x32.png

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Obamacare – What good is health insurance if you lose the freedom to live your life as you choose?


By: imperfectamerica (Diary) | March 25th, 2013 at 08:55 AM

One of the many reasons conservatives dislike government overreach is because government is so often wrong about so much. And what’s worse, regardless of the magnitude of the government’s failures, citizens are stuck with the consequences of those policies, in most cases forever.

This is not a new phenomenon. This has been going on for decades. Upon its establishment in 1965 the House Ways and Means Committee estimated that the cost of Medicare would rise to $12 billion by 1990. Unfortunately for American taxpayers that prediction was off by a power of nine, coming in at $110 billion. And things haven’t gotten any better since then. By 2011 Medicare costs ballooned to over $550 billion, having grown by 8.3% in a year when inflation was 3.2%.

But of course Medicare is but one example. Medicaid had a similar experience. The same House committee estimated that Medicaid’s first-year costs would be $238 million. Instead it came in more like $1 billion. It was projected to cost $9 billion by 1990 and, surprise, it came in at $67 billion. By 2011 the federal share of the program tipped the scales at $299 billion! Scissors-32x32.png

At the end of the day, Obamacare may very well be the last stake in the coffin of individual liberty Scissors-32x32.png



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Three Years of Obamacare: $31 Billion in Regulation Costs, 71.5 Million Hours in Compliance

Andrew Stiles



President Obama’s signature health-care law, which turned three over the weekend, has already accounted for $31.3 billion in regulatory costs and liabilities, as well as 71.5 million hours of paperwork, according to a study from the American Action Forum (AAF) released Monday.


It would take more than 35,000 full-time employees working year round to fully comply with the monstrous Red Tape Tower the law has become.


Those figures have grown substantially since last year’s AAF review of Obamacare’s regulatory impact, which found that the law had imposed $12.4 billion in costs and roughly 50 million paperwork hours, indicating a sharp increase in the law’s burden on the economy as many of its chief components begin to come online.








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