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Geraldo: The George Washington of ridiculous


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Geraldo: The George Washington of ridiculous

By: David Harsanyi

3/22/2013 10:40 AM

As the Weekly Standard first noted, President Barack Obama gave an impassioned speech in Ramallah, imploring all sides to find a way to peace — under a rather large banner of terrorist Yassir Arafat. Peculiar, yes. Few people have rushed to the president’s defense, but these days producers have the extraordinary ability to find someone who’ll say anything to be on television.



Ladies and gentleman, Geraldo Rivera.

Noah Rothman lays out the conversation. Appearing on Fox and Friends, Geraldo frames his comments as dispassionate analysis of the former Palestinian militant/terrorist/what-have-you leader, but he gives himself away with some profoundly dumb comments.


For starters, Geraldo lays this on the hosts: “Arafa

t is generally regarded as the George Washington of the Palestinian people.”

Generally regarded? Generally? The adverb? In most cases? Usually? Scissors-32x32.png

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