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Miss Israel is Ethiopian immigrant


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miss-israel-is-ethiopian-immigrantTimes of Israel:

Yityish Aynaw, who was entered into the competition by a friend, made aliya with her family at age 12


Yityish Titi Aynaw, a 21-year-old from Netanya, was chosen Miss Israel 2013 on Wednesday night — the first Ethiopian-born contestant to win the title.


Aynaw, who came to Israel with her family when she was 12, was entered into the competition by a friend, and had no previous modeling experience.




Interviewed on Thursday, Aynaw, who served as an officer during her military service, said her integration into Israeli society had been greatly eased because she had been “thrown into the deep end” in the state school system, “and I learned to swim,” rather than placed in separate Ethiopians-only classes.






Not that looking at beautiful women has any appeal to those of us who have become truely modern men.




H/T Power Line: The freedom thing, &c.

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