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The GOP is split, but tolerance can mend it.


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the-gop-is-split-but-tolerance-can-mend-iRight Scoop:


January 28th, 2013


Warning: Republicans are upset and splintering, and the President of the United States likes what he sees.


As I take in all the different viewpoints on the right, the reasoned articulation, argument and admonishment, I can agree with some thoughts, and most vehemently disagree with others. Those disagreements can decide for me whether the person is for the same end as I am, and I can make that determination and move on. But the right needs to stick together and not lose our cool, because the esidentpray is isteninglay. The danger I see right now is not a lesson on growing up, but a lesson on tolerance.


And I think we can all agree that the left is more intolerant than we are, right? (David Frum just stopped reading this.)




My advice, rather than an admonishment of conservatism, is directed at the Republican party leadership at every level, from the RNC to each County. The leadership in the Republican party cannot sever its grassroots, so, they need to embrace us.


Don’t call us crazy, or extreme. Learn what we know so that you can be informed. With every force trying to break us up, you need to stop being offended that conservatives won’t budge, and start wondering what it is you do not know.

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