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The Administration 's New Fronts on the War on Women


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the_administration_s_new_fronts_on_the_war_on_women.htmlAmerican Thinker:

This week, the administration that rode to a second term decrying a fictitious war on women by the opposition, opened real fronts on the war on women, perpetuating feminism's worst inconsistencies through its contradictory programs and in the words and deeds of the avatar of these inconsistencies, Hillary Clinton, the "Athena" of low information women voters. Only CBS reporter Sheryl Attkisson by her persistence and competence keeps me from burying my head in shame.

As the Weekly Standard's Daniel Halper noticed, there was a serious disconnect this week in the administration's approach to women.

On the one hand, the president's close aide, Valerie Jarrett tweeted:

"If there's one thing we should all agree on, it's protecting women from violence. Congress needs to pass the Violence Against Women Act."

At almost the same moment, as Jarrett was tweeting her plea for legislative embodiment of the notion of women's need for special protections, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced -- without any consultation with Congress -- that he was removing the ban on women in combat positions.Scissors-32x32.png

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You’re In the New Army Now

Daniel GreenfieldFull Story

Sending women into combat, like the end of the ban on official homosexuality, has been met with worried remarks about its impact on the “warrior culture”. But the new military that the left has been building for some time now is not interested in warriors; it wants peacekeepers.


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