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Report: EPA having trouble keeping up with the hydraulic-fracturing boom

rika Johnsen



Whatever would we do without the august, dispassionate wisdom of the Environmental Protection Agency keeping a watchful paternalistic eye on the many activities of us ignoble profit-seekers? …Prosper, probably. As it is, the EPA never tires of finding new excuses for their expanded involvement in an ever-wider range of private-sector endeavors, nor of further limiting private-property owners’ available uses of their own land (which is distinctly odd, because nobody but nobody has a more vested interest in preserving the quality of a resource than the person who owns said resource — but, not to worry, President Obama has assured us that green energy is “not a socialist plot,” so, there’s that).


A newly-released report from the Government Accountability Office attests to the ‘challenges’ the EPA is facing in regulating the currently-going-gangbusters-but-retarded-by-red-tape oil-and-gas industry enabled by the spreading use of hydraulic fracturing, a.k.a. “fracking” (I know, I know — news flash — private-sector business tends to grow and move faster than federal bureaucracy, go figure). From The Hill:




The EPA doesn’t typically take too kindly to limits on their authority. I can almost see them rubbing their hands together in anticipation of finding new-and-exciting reasons to write more top-down regulations now, except that all of these alleged cases of dangerous “groundwater contamination” the environmentalists like to use as justification for said regulations, have miraculously failed to materialize into anything definitive, despite fracking being a decades-old technological practice.



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