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The Road to Hell


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the_road_to_hell.htmlAmerican Thinker:

Back in my über liberal days, I had a mad love affair with the San Francisco Chronicle, our local daily. One of the greatest pleasures of my day was imbibing every news story and feature of our left-leaning paper.

But when that paper started devoting way too much air time to slobbering over candidate Obama, my infatuation grew sour. It wasn't long before I permanently stopped my subscription and started looking for news in all the right places.

I just happened on my old love interest the other day when I was relaxing in a cafe and spotted the Chron sitting there. I decided to take a look and check out the latest nuttiness.

Well, speaking of "slobbering," the newspaper was practically drooling over a bizarre, new program being launched in San Francisco. The city will be giving a homeless person a four-legged friend to foster: a homeless pup from the pound. But the transient won't get the pick of the litter, but a "problematic" dog. And since California is overflowing with money (LOL), the city will generously throw in a stipend to care for the pet.

What could possibly go wrong here?

First off, raise your hands if you think that many of these street people will actually use the added income for the benefit of their new best friends? When the call of booze and cocaine beckons, what will happen to Rover's Purina?

Secondly, where will this happy, new couple actually live? Given that many shelters and residential hotels won't allow pets, where will they sleep? And if it's on the streets, who will clean up all of the extra poo and piddle?

Finally, does anyone else see a problem with a possibly psychotic, drug-addled transient in charge of a "problematic" pet? Stay tuned for a year from now when the authorities announce that the spanking new program is on hold due to the plethora of lawsuits charging dog bites -- or even worse.

Before my conversion rightward, I would have thought this new program exciting and admirable. Now I see it, and others like it, as simply idiotic. And I view my old self, and anyone connected to these hare-brained schemes, as incredibly naive.

Around here, we have a never ending supply of such idiocy, which is partly why the Bay Area, and all of California, is going to hell in a hand basket. California dreams big, as in a Dream Act of funding the tuition of illegal aliens -- all while the state goes belly up. But everyone knows that Berkeley is Berkeley and San Francisco is San Francisco. The country expects lunacy from these parts.Scissors-32x32.png

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What could possibly go wrong?




Texas man accused of starting to eat dog arrested


June 27, 2012



WACO, Texas—Bond has been revoked for a Texas man who police say killed and starting eating his housemate's dog after chasing a neighbor on his hands and knees while growling.


Waco police say Michael Terron Daniel remained jailed Wednesday after a judge revoked his bail in a previous assault case. The 22-year-old is charged with felony cruelty to a non-livestock animal.


Police say a caller reported a man was going crazy, and when officers arrived, they found Daniel on the porch covered in blood and holding the dead dog.


Police say Daniel told people at the home he had taken K-2, a form of synthetic marijuana, then assaulted them and started biting the dog's flesh.


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