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barack-bilboAmerican Spectator:

"I intend raising hell with the money lords, the privileged few, the men who hold 90 per cent of the wealth of the nation." -- Ku Klux Klan Member, Liberal Democrat, US Senator-elect and former Governor Theodore Bilbo of Mississippi, 1934

Barack Obama and Theodore Bilbo agreed on two things.

They hated the rich. They judged by race.

Race is the base. The rich are the hitch. Identity politics is all.

First, last and always.

Over time, Americans have learned the hard way that when dealing with progressives or liberals -- the Left -- the race may change. What defines "rich" may change. The century, the decade, the year may change. What never changes is the elemental component of identity politics.

Race is the base. The rich are the hitch. Resenting some other race and always resenting the rich is the game.

From the Mississippi of 1927 to the Arizona of 2012. From the attempts to keep legally immigrating Asians out of America at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, to the attempts to hustle illegally immigrating Mexicans into America at the dawn of the 21st. Whether using the Supreme Court of 1857 to write slavery into the Constitution, or using the Department of Homeland Security of today to demand illegal immigration be written out of state law.


Race is always the base. The rich always are the hitch.

The names may change. From Bilbo the Builder (as Theodore Bilbo was nicknamed) to The One (as Obama was dubbed by Oprah Winfrey.).

In the end? Nothing changes.

Race is the base. The rich are the hitch. From Bilbo to Barack.

So, you ask. Who was Theodore Bilbo? And why exactly does Barack Obama so resemble him?

Like Barack Obama, Theodore Bilbo of Mississippi built and spent his entire political career selling that old liberal Love Potion Number One: race and class warfare.Scissors-32x32.png

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