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The Tragic Illusion Of Obama's Fine Mind


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obama-superior-intellect-a-media-made-myth.htmInvestors Business Daily:

The Obama Record: As it becomes clear our "brilliant" president has failed to turn the economy around, a poll shows half of Americans want to know how he did in college.

Forty-nine percent of respondents to an exclusive IBD/TIPP survey say they agree that Obama "should release his academic records" before November. Only 28% strongly disagree. Seven percent answered "not sure."

Voters got a look at the college coursework and grades of President Bush, as well as Democratic challengers Al Gore and John Kerry. Obama, however, refuses to release his transcripts, despite media requests.

It's natural voters would now wonder about his academic performance. Other polls show they're increasingly unhappy with his job performance.

With signs the economy may be slipping back into recession, and the president's economic policies looking woefully ineffective, many voters are waking up to the notion he may not be nearly as smart as he's made out to be.

Obama's storied intellect simply isn't measuring up to the hype created by media sycophants like MSNBC's Chris Matthews, who's called him "very smart," or historians like Michael Beschloss, who said he's "probably the smartest guy ever to become president."

Coming into office on the heels of a tongue-tied predecessor, the well-spoken Obama was supposed to have all the answers. But it turns out he doesn't know any better. His bright ideas, from energy policy to health care and jobs, haven't worked.


When it comes to economics, Obama is tragically lost. Yet he insists he knows best. He thinks with his own superior intelligence he can solve any problem.

When he ran for the U.S. Senate, Obama bragged about how relatively well-read and cosmopolitan he was. "There is a certain self-consciousness that I possess as somebody with probably too much book learning, and also a very polyglot background," he sniffed in a 2004 interview with BeliefNet.com.

He seems to look down on ordinary Americans, views them as rubes. He griped in the same interview that the American people "get confused sometimes, watch Fox News or listen to talk radio. That's dangerous."

No, what's dangerous is his intellectual elitism. Besides clouding his judgment, it fools others into thinking his judgment is beyond reproach.

Worse, his smugness may be unearned. Obama's brainy reputation is based almost entirely on his ability to string together sentences. But most of his thoughts are scripted. Unlike George Bush, Obama needs a teleprompter just to talk to elementary school kids.Scissors-32x32.png

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I really don't care about the Bamster's grades.


I'm not so sure the performance in any academic situation tells you anything other than test taking and butt kissing skills.


Just look at who's teaching and running most of these institutions today. Mostly folks without an original thought who couldn't live for a day outside of their hothouse environment. But I'm sure they all made great grades.

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