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Taking the Secret Service scandal personally


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taking-the-secret-service-scandal-personallyWashington Examiner:

When you have a young woman screaming in a hallway about some sort of grievance she has with you, you have a problem. Even a Secret Service agent, surrounded by his buddies, has a problem. I know about this sort of thing from my work in the archives pursuant to my researches as a presidential historian.

One thinks back to the late 1940s of Elizabeth Bentley, an American spying for the Soviet Union. She raised an intolerable ruckus outside a hotel room with one, possibly two, Soviet intelligence operatives - both male. Her involvement with one had been romantic, but the cad had let her down. Possibly he did not pay for her turkey sandwich. Possibly he left other bills cooling on the table. At any rate, there was hell to pay. She had a set of lungs on her like a bull moose and a face to boot. When she let out a yell, it was deafening. Of course, the Russians were terrified. Shortly thereafter, she renounced communism, and they were glad to get back to Stalin’s Russia.

Another example is more recent, and in this the Secret Service was almost without doubt innocent. Monica Lewinsky was left to cool her heels in a White House gatehouse while her true love dallied with another vamp. She caught on and fumed. She looked menacingly at the furniture. The Secret Service is trained for dangerous operations, but this was close to the limit. Luckily, she was admitted to the White House before she did real damage, but then all hell broke loose for poor Bill. It is a mistake to toy with an irascible woman, even an irascible woman of easy virtue.

I do not know the details of the imbroglio involving the Secret Service agent who attempted to stiff the Colombian cutie on her bill in steamy Cartagena. We shall have to await Hollywood’s treatment of it, but he acted very unwisely. We do know that as many as 10 other Secret Service agents, along with members of the military, were playing animal house with him. They apparently planned to party when they landed in Colombia. One agent even took a girl back to the hotel where the president was to stay a few days later. This suggests that the event was not isolated. Apparently a whole culture of laxness has descended upon the once-proud Secret Service. I cannot imagine such goings on during the Reagan years, when I was familiar with the president’s bodyguards. They were conscientious to the utmost and, as they proved, brave. I had them and something like 240 other guards and White House personnel in and around my home when the president came to dinner in 1988. They were the best.

What has happened, and when did it start? Did it begin with Bill Clinton? I rather think so. One of the Arkansas state troopers with whom I became familiar suggested as much. He was a well-educated man and at one time a friend of Bill‘s. He told me, “Clinton’s treating his Secret Service detail the way he treated his Arkansas trooper detail.” My friend was referring to Mr. Clinton’s propensity for giving his bodyguards the “residuals,” the women he had tired of or who did not measure up.Scissors-32x32.png

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The Beauty of the White House Prostitution Scandal

By: Erick Erickson (Diary) | October 9th, 2014 at 10:35 AM


There are so many hilarious factoids in the Washington Post report about Jonathan Dach, the White House, and the prostitution.


There’s the bit about Dach using his Hilton Honors membership status to avoid paying an overnight fee for his guest.


Then there’s Dach’s business card. Of course he works on “women’s rights.”


But the funniest and most beautiful part of it all is that the twenty and thirty-something White House aides and former aides in full defense are running with “Why would anybody cover this up?”Scissors-32x32.png



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09 Oct 2014 at 12:11 PM


Yale Law Students Love Hookers


Or at least the Washington Post alleges that one Yale Law student loved a hooker. Why is the Washington Post so interested in how a Yale Law student spends his time and money? Well, because that Yale Law student, Jonathan Dach, was working for the White House and hotel logs indicate he brought a woman back to the Colombia hotel where the president was set to stay. The Post claims that Homeland Security later fingered this woman as a prostitute. Hey, he was injecting his business into the local economy!


Anyway, the Post claims the White House covered this all up. Oh, and later promoted him to a job in the State Department. Which job? Policy advisor in the Office of Global Women’s Issues.Scissors-32x32.png



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