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Senate Dem: Save the US Postal Service with Wind Farms


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senate-dem-save-us-postal-service-wind-farmsFOX News:

As the potential collapse of the United States Postal Service looms on the horizon, one Senate Democrat has proposed an unusual plan to solve the crisis.


Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) looks to harvest the electricity that windmill farms produce in order to power a new fleet of battery-operated postal delivery vehicles, replacing the previous '25 to 30 years old' 'dilapidated' vehicles.


The Senator admits the idea is “out there” but concludes that "we need to be thinking boldly, and the postal service needs to do that"





How can "we" elect such people?

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Is this the same thinking that caused Guam almost to capsize?




He's downright embarrassing. I'm glad I don't live in that loon's district (Georgia's 4th congressional district (East Atlanta)). He won the seat from Cynthia McKinney (another certified dingbat).

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remember he later down played it by saying he meant it as a joke


That's because he was caught being a complete moron. I don't recall too many congressmen making jokes in hearings..... being imbeciles, maybe.... but not joking.

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