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NJ Father Records Teachers Bullying Autistic Child


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nj-father-records-teachers-bullying-his-autistic-childFox News:

23 Apr 2012


CHERRY HILL, N.J. - A New Jersey father says he was so desperate to save his autistic son from he calls the bullying of teachers that he sent him to school with a hidden tape recorder.


You'll never believe the shocking things the teachers were caught saying.




Stuart Chaifetz says his 10-year-old who has autism has always been a very gentle, loving boy. So when he started getting reports from school that his son was hitting teachers, he knew something was wrong after putting a recorder in his pocket for a day.




H/T Breitbart TV

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Well done video.


Fire them now. No more protection for incompetence and cruelty.

That was mortifying.


I am not sure I would handle this situation as calmly as he did.

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