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Man Beaten By Mob, Arrests Expected Today


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man-beaten-mob-critical-condition-ar-3659891WKRG via Drudge Report:


MOBILE, Alabama --

Tuesday 3:10 p.m.

Mayor Sam Jones is urging the public not to jump to conclusions and to wait until the investigation is finished.


“Police will certainly explore a racial motive if the evidence supports it,” said Jones. “This type of mob violence will not be tolerated. If people think we are going to tolerate that to bring attention to some national event, they are sorely mistaken. They will be arrested and prosecuted for assault or whatever the appropriate charge may be," he said.


Tuesday 3:05 p.m.

News 5's Lauren Vargas spoke with a neighbor who also heard a member of the mob that beat Matthew Owens say "Now thats justice for Trayvon."


News video at link. Bets on this getting national coverage and outrage?


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Tom Maguire's link has been updated to tell of Owens' troubled past and new developments surrounding the story.

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