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'I've had my phone tapped': Susan Sarandon claims 'government is watching her'... and reveals she was denied White House security clearance


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Susan-Sarandon-Ive-phone-tapped.htmlUK Daily Mail:

Actress and left-wing activist Susan Sarandon has claimed she was recently denied security clearance for a visit to the White House - and that the government has been tapping her phone.

The Oscar winner, who has vehemently condemned the war in Iraq, made the claims on Sunday during a Q&A session at the Tribeca Film Festival - an 11-day event in New York's Lower Manhattan.

One audience member asked whether Sarandon, who was answering questions alongside documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, believed she was under surveillance by the government.

'We know we're under surveillance,' Sarandon said: 'I’ve had my phone tapped.'

She added: 'I was denied a security clearance to go to the White House and I don’t know why.' She asked the audience member jokingly: 'Do you know why?'

Sarandon said she knew she was being watched by the government as she had twice seen a file held on her through Freedom of Information requests, the Daily Beast reported.

Moore, who directed Fahrenheit 9/11 and Capitalism: A Love Story, said he would not be surprised if 'somebody, somewhere' has subjected him to surveillance. 'As it should be,' he laughed.

The White House snub suggests Sarandon's activism - which has spanned four decades - is deemed troubling by the government.

And despite claiming she does not know why she was denied clearance, the actress must be more aware than she let on.

Sarandon has been actively involved in promoting liberal political causes and supporting human rights, donating money and lending her voice and recognisable face to campaigns since the 1980s.



Susan Sarandon is one of the biggest Hollywood lefties out there.

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I had intended to watch The Juror on Detroit Ch-38.2 until I discovered that there were so many people - as there are - against me.


Now, well, not so much; do I desire to watch the show any more.


Good luck to that guy - a neighborhood watch - whereby another guy was shot..


Good luck un-seeing whatnot.





"Dude, what?"


I CAN unsee things.

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