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Media Matters' Anti-Christian Agenda Exposed


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WASHINGTON -- An influential organization with ties to the White House came under fire recently for attacking Christian news outlets.


Now, CBN News has obtained a document showing that the very foundation of the group known as Media Matters for America is built on anti-Christian bias.


Faith Groups in Crosshairs


Media Matters is a non-profit liberal watchdog group that has the ear of not only the mainstream media, but also the Obama administration.


As part of its strategy, Media Matters frequently targets Christian organizations in an effort to counter what it views as pro-Christian "bias in news reporting and analysis by the American media."


"It is common for news and commentary by the press to present viewpoints that tend to overly promote...a conservative, Christian-influenced ideology," the group said in its application for non-profit status with the IRS.


Vince Coglianese, a reporter with The Dailer Caller, has investigated the Media Matters' attacks on Christian organizations.


"Media Matters, in its application to the IRS--outright, in the very first paragraph--declares it's going to be an anti-Christian organization," he said.


"Interestingly, though, in their public mission statement Media Matters makes no mention of the fact that it intends to target the Christian ideology," Coglianese noted.


Media Matters did not respond to CBN News' requests for comment on this story or the document.


David Brog, executive director of Christians United for Israel, believes the Media Matters' targeting of Christians is connected to its anti-Israel views.


"They want to take on what they see as a Christian-influenced media and Christian-influenced policy, and no better place to start than with the issue of Israel and with attacking U.S. support of Israel," Brog told CBN News.Scissors-32x32.png

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