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Romney has best month in fundraising, topping $12.5M


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222747-romney-tops-125m-for-march-in-best-month-of-campaignThe Hill:

Mitt Romney collected more than $12.5 million in March and has $10.1 million in the bank as the general election ramps up, his campaign announced Friday.

The presumptive GOP nominee's March haul represented a slight uptick from February, when he raised just under $12 million. The campaign said it was the best fundraising month of the campaign so far.

All told, the former Massachusetts governor has raised $87 million for his primary campaign, with no debt holding him back. Romney, who put tens of millions of his own money into the race in 2008, has yet to make any personal loans or donations to his efforts to win the GOP nomination and unseat President Obama in November.Scissors-32x32.png

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Later in the article it mentions Ron Paul is still in the race. Who knew?

April 24 should effectively wrap it up.

Look for a FR explosion!!

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