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Feminist group renews campaign to silence Limbaugh


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feminist-group-renews-campaign-to-silence-limbaughDaily Caller:

The National Organization for Women (NOW) is attempting, once again, to do what no other group has been able to accomplish — get radio giant Rush Limbaugh off the air.

On Thursday, the women’s advocacy group announced a renewed protest campaign —”Enough Rush” — to bring Limbaugh down.

“He is going to be whining and calling us out about his First Amendment rights” Terry O’Neill, president of NOW, told The Daily Caller about how she expects Limbaugh to react to their campaign. “There is nothing in the Constitution that says Rush Limbaugh gets $38 million a year for being on a radio show.”

The group, which Limbaugh often jokingly refers to as the NAGs (“National Organization of Gals”), is rallying their chapters for a day of protest on May 18th.

Brian Glicklich, Limbaugh’s spokesman, told TheDC that his audience will not be driven away by the group’s efforts.

“Every organization that has tried to censor Rush Limbaugh has failed because his audience won’t stand for being told by agenda-driven activists what speech is acceptable,” Glicklich explained. “NOW has been attempting to silence ideas they dislike for a long time; this is nothing new, and has no more integrity or honesty today than ever.”

While Limbaugh has weathered many campaigns to silence him, NOW hopes to accomplish the thus-far Sisyphean task by bringing their frustrations to local stations and advertisers.Scissors-32x32.png

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They're just going to waste their time and money on a failed project. Who cares?

I didn't even know NOW was still around. Talk about obsolete.

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