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County & District Conventions Are This Saturday!


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County & District Conventions Are This Saturday!


This Saturday - April 21st - is the date where the vast majority of Texas counties will assemble and conduct County & District Republican Conventions. Large counties such as Harris, Dallas, Travis and El Paso will be meeting in Senatorial District Conventions, while smaller counties such as Bowie, Lampasas, Parker and Waller will meet in County Conventions. The first round of conventions occurred last Saturday in some 40 counties, and here at the State Party - we have already started to see our first lists of State Convention delegates and alternates from those counties. With only a few weeks to go until we all meet in Fort Worth - the excitement is growing!

The Republican Party of Texas has created a website with a full list of county-by-county information, where you can go to learn the date, time and location of your local Republican convention, as well as finding the answers to Frequently Asked Questions and other information about the GOP Convention Process in 2012.



Due to the redistricting lawsuit and rescheduled Texas Primary Election, the RPT has built this website as a way for Republicans to quickly gain information on how to activate and participate within the party's convention process and the ways in which the process has changed to handle this year's unique challenges and calendar. The website contains helpful links such as:

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