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Did Buffett Help Obama Kill Keystone Pipeline to Reap Financial Gain?


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did-buffett-kill-the-keystone-pipeline-to-reap-financial-gainThe Blaze:

Tiffany Gabbay



As the nation’s gas prices skyrocket, critics argue that President Obama’s recent rejection of the $7 billion, “shovel-ready” Keystone XL oil pipeline, followed by his continued vow to “double down” on green energy, is a clear sign the administration plans to do little of substance in terms of American oil exploration. The move has also stirred controversy about the president’s real intentions concerning job creation and reducing pain at the pump for everyday Americans. But could there be a more sinister reason behind denying the pipeline’s requisite permits — namely, to benefit billionaire Obama-supporter Warren Buffett?


The evidence does seem to be mounting.


Right Scoop: Warren Buffett reveals cancer minutes before Glenn Beck exposes his connection to ‘Keystone Pipeline’ alternative


Click and scroll for vid.

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No surprise here. As soon as a money man allows himself to be used as a political prop, you know he's getting paid for it.

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