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While referencing the "War on Moms" started by Obama here and fumbled by Hilary Rosen here, ABC's George Stephanopoulos said what many in the left-wing media are saying: "I tend to agree with you all that this particular dispute is going to flare up and flame out[.]" Which is the kind of wishful thinking we never heard them express as they played good little White House Palace Guards and jumped on the White House bandwagon to destroy Rush Limbaugh.

But I digress.

Make no mistake about the role Stephanopoulos plays in the media. His job is to protect Democrats and most especially Barack Obama. Therefore, him trial ballooning the idea that the President had better distance himself from HBO's Bill Maher is a big deal.

Because Maher's $1 million donation went to a super PAC, by law Obama cannot directly have anything to do with returning it. What Obama can do, though, and what it looks as though Stephanopolous is suggesting he do, is make clear to the super PAC that he would prefer they issue a refund.

Stephanopolous is also sending a signal to Bill Maher that the right thing to do here would be to ask for the money back.

Judging by his latest stupid, mean-spirited and unfunny rant, it's become pretty obvious that Maher isn't smart enough to figure out that when you become the biggest and most high-profile contributor to a super PAC set up to benefit the President of the United States, a certain amount of responsibility comes with that.Scissors-32x32.png

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That is about as fascinating as the folliowing:



The Republican party is fractured beyond repair. The very trait that makes people conservative also makes them highly independent, therefore solidarity is a rare commodity in the ranks of the right.


Republicans gather into cells, each with its own pet agendae, and each with the short-sightedness that keeps them from uniting behind a common theme.


Every viable candidate that entered the ring this season has been vetted by conservatives with the, "Yeah, s/he's a nice person, BUT.....". Meanwhile the democrats don't get caught up in inter-party minutia, moreover, they see the value in uniting behind their party and sorting out the details AFTER they've won the election.


Conservatives want their candidate to be "mini-me's", mirroring each nuance of their particular beliefs.

"Priorities" seem lost to Republicans; they fail to see that issues like abortion and gay marriage, for instance, can sit and simmer a while on the back burner while we take care of the immediate crisis at hand...saving America from marxism.


Bring up Palin, and a chorus of small-minded boneheads chime in with, Yeah, but in January of 2009 she said..." so-and-so. These type nit-pickers are as obsessed with their pet issue as Howard Hughes was with having clean hands in his latter years.


It's easy to see why the left calls Republicans the "stupid party"; it's not based on individual intellect, but one their ability to understand one basic line..."United we Stand, Divided we FALL.".


Seems that every election season the GOP is so freakin' intenses on running against itself, it doesn't have the time to attack the real problem.


Take Romney, for instance...the GOPe is so obsessed with handing them the nomination that their wishes have almost come to fore. Romney is almost as bad as obama; he is NOT a conservative and the Republicans who do vote for him - if he wins - will hate themselves in the morning after the election.


For the GOPe, It comes down to who they can ultimately control. I think the word "rogue", pertaining to Sarah, scares the bejesus out of them. They know her record of cleaning up graff within her own party, and the GOPe has too many skeletons with their bones exposed to risk being found out.


Casually observing, anyone can see that the ones who think like the GOPe, the ones who hate conservatives like Palin, are the ones who get their nightly news on the alphabet channels, and even FOX news. They use "Tarzan" logic..."Ugh...she bad...man in talking box say so...".


People get caught up in what they perceive to be the "winners" in society; for instance, I'm a casual baseball fan, at best; however the year that the Atlanta Braves won the World Series, I went all-out for them. A year later, my interest waned and I haven't followed them since.


Fair weather fan? Well, maybe, but it's human nature to go for the winner. But that was sports, and not the well-being of the country that I love and served.


Mitt Romney is the supposed "winner", but I've never backed him and don't have any good thoughts about him. Having said that, IF he is the nominee...well, I'd rather have a RINO than a marxist, so I'll vote for him.


When it comes to elections, the left has us in a bind. They will always blindly follow the party, but while the GOP is focusing on intramural games, the main tournament is all but lost.


I would gladly vote for Sarah Palin, or any true conservative who won't become a slave for the GOPe. Romney IS the GOPe, personified.


I HATE the way this primary has turned out, we're right back in 2009 again; very little difference between Romney and McCain, but obama is as evil as ever


My fear is, if obama wins, it will be the last election America ever has, and we become a dictatorship under the most ignorant, and evil person possible.


I pray for America's freedom from tyranny and oppression...being born, living in America for over 60 years, I never thought I would ever need to utter those words.


9 posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 4:42:32 AM by FrankR
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