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Welch Hits Finger-Pointer In Chief


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jack-welch-blasts-obama-blame-game-webhed-jack-welch-blasts-obamas-finger-pointing-presidency.htmInvestors Business Daily:

Leadership: A business icon has ripped the administration's "divide and conquer" strategy, the president's refusal to take responsibility for his policies and for an enemies list that would make a disgraced ex-president proud.

We now have the Obama Principle. It's like the Peter Principle, in which people rise to the level of their incompetence, except as redefined by this administration you refuse to recognize your incompetence and constantly blame others when things go wrong.

Jack Welch, renowned former CEO of General Electric before it became the nontaxpaying sock puppet for the administration's green energy push, has penned an Op-Ed article for Reuters in which he says Obama's "divide-and-conquer" re-election strategy is unworthy of a great leader and chides the president for blaming others for our economic woes.

"Over the past three years," Welch wrote last Wednesday, "Obama has taken a sort of divide-and-conquer approach, amassing a list of enemies that would make Richard Nixon proud — bankers, health care insurance providers, oil companies, wealthy taxpayers, Congress and, most recently, the Supreme Court.

"Gas prices are the fault of oil speculators. The failure of solar power companies is the fault of unfair Chinese competition. The bad economy is one of the many things he inherited, as is the deficit. Operation Fast and Furious was a program begun under the Bush administration that he knew nothing about. The deficit is skyrocketing because the rich aren't paying their 'fair share.'"Scissors-32x32.png

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Romney vs. Obama: Leadership and the enemies list

Jack and Suzy Welch

April 11, 2012



Remember that incompetent boss you used to have? He was a good guy and all, but he just couldn’t make decisions or prioritize. Perhaps worst of all, he tried to make everyone happy, resulting in almost everyone being angry or confused or both. And remember how long it took management to move him out – and how aggravating that was?


Of course, at the time, you sort of understood why the Bigs had promoted the guy in the first place, and why they held out hope for so long. He’d been a superstar salesman. Best the company had seen in ages. But in the end, it turned out that all the things that made him great as an individual performer made him lousy as a people manager.




Without doubt, Romney is not the model leader (his apparent lack of authenticity can be jarring), but he has a quality that would serve him well as president – good old American pragmatism. Perhaps that’s the businessman in him. Or perhaps you just learn to do what you’ve got to do when you’re a GOP governor in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts or the man charged with salvaging the scandal-ridden Salt Lake City Olympics. If Romney’s long record suggests anything, it’s that he knows how to manage people and organizations to get things accomplished without a lot of internecine warfare.


Look, Obama may be a great campaigner and Romney (to date) somewhat the opposite. But neither man is running to be Campaigner-in-Chief.






Assuming Romney gets elected...and assuming I am right about what is coming down the road....we'll get a chance to see just what kind of leader/manager he is.


I still maintain the even if he is elected he is at best a transitional figure.

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As H. Ross Johnson (once CEO of RJ Reynolds Tobacco) was fond of saying, "Well! THAT'S a blinding glimpse of the obvious!!"


And we've all known it all along!


A foreign born (until positively proven to be otherwise), fake student, fake Harvard grad, fake lawyer, failed community organizer, and absent IL jr. senator, the stain has always been thus - and will be forever.


Our only solution - unless the gods there be step in ahead of us to resolve the matter - is to eradicate the stain (legally of course) immediately, but certainly no later than Nov 6, 2012.


One must wonder why the dem/lib/prog/pops, the msm, and the faux "independents" can't see it too!!

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One must wonder why the dem/lib/prog/pops, the msm, and the faux "independents" can't see it too!!



Oh, they see it. That's why they are expending so much energy covering for him.

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