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Sharpton: "I did not trust Gov. Scott," but he did his job


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Sharpton: "I did not trust Gov. Scott," but he did his job

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Sharpton: "I did not trust Gov. Scott," but he did his job

By Justin Sink - 04/11/12 07:13 PM ET


Civil rights leader Al Sharpton said that Florida governor Rick Scott and the special prosecutor appointed to oversee the Trayvon Martin case should be congratulated for bridging political and racial differences in charging George Zimmerman with second degree murder Wednesday night.


"I will say I did not trust Gov. Scott and prosecutor Angela Corey. But they did their job. I want to congratulate him and the prosecutor for being what they should be," Sharpton said.


Corey announced Wednesday that the neighborhood watch volunteer would face second degree murder charges and the potential of life in prison for the shooting death of Martin, an African American teenager whose death has become a racial flashpoint over recent months.


Sharpton, who has been a key ally of the Martin family in pushing for an arrest, said he hoped the arrest would unify Americans behind the notion of justice.


"Despite the fact we have different political parties and different political persuasions, perhaps tonight we can come together and say only the facts should matter when dealing with the loss of life," Sharpton said.


The civil rights leader credited political pressure from protesters across the nation for forcing a longer look at the case.


"Had there not been pressure, Scissors-32x32.png

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