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Wake up Black America


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Truth Before Dishonor


Wake up Black America







Ever heard of an intellectual free thinking lemming? Good luck in finding one. Blacks have wasted their political capital. The Democrat Party doesn't feel they have to work for the black vote, they EXPECT IT or else. There lies the problem with a racial group giving unfounded loyalty towards a political party that doesn't deserve it.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld claims "drunken opportunistic criminality" is what contributed to a white 20 year old tourist getting beat down by black teens.






Baltimore City Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld yesterday claimed that the gang attack by several black teens on a white tourist that went viral on the internet wasn't racially motivated. Bealefeld has always been a tough talker in front of a television camera, but he has always been in reality a spineless, politically correct pandering empty suit. It's no wonder he was retained as Commissioner of the Baltimore City Police Department, when Stephanie Rawling Blake was elected Mayor last year. Commissioner Bealefeld said that the attack was just nothing more then "

drunken opportunistic criminality". That's a nice catch phrase in an attempt for him to sanitize what actually happened, but I seriously doubt that was the case.. Frederick Bealefeld is a white Police Commissioners in a city that is sixty five percent black with a black mayor and a city council which is mostly black. Bealefeld knows full well that black activists in Baltimore would be calling for his head if he called this attack a black on white hate crime. There are other factors at work here as well. The Mayor and the city government does not want the attack to be seen as a hate crime against whites, Scissors-32x32.png

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