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Study claims Obama's health care law would raise deficit


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study-claims-obamas-health-care-law-would-raise-deficitFox News:

WASHINGTON – A former Bush administration official and leading conservative economist says President Obama's health care law will add at least $340 billion to the national deficit, a claim the White House denies.

In a study to be released Tuesday, Charles Blahous, who serves as public trustee overseeing Medicare and Social Security finances, says federal accounting practices have obscured the true fiscal impact of ObamaCare.

Officially, the health care law is still projected to help reduce government red ink. The Congressional Budget Office, the government's non-partisan fiscal umpire, said in an estimate last year that repealing the law actually would increase deficits by $210 billion from 2012-2021.

The CBO, however, has not updated that projection. If $210 billion sounds like a big cushion, it's not. The government has recently been running annual deficits in the $1 trillion range.

"Taken as a whole, the enactment of the (health care law) has substantially worsened a dire federal fiscal outlook," Blahous wrote in his 52-page analysis, released by George Mason University's Mercatus Center. "The (law) both increases a federal commitment to health care spending that was already unsustainable under prior law and would exacerbate projected federal deficits relative to prior law."



Must be why they're giving so much money to the IRS to enforce it...

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