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Property Renter Forced to Remove U.S. Flag and POW/MIA Flag from Premises


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Hope you read all them follow link in support of allowing the Flags to be flown flagday.gif


Property Renter Forced to Remove U.S. Flag and POW/MIA Flag from Premises


April 6, 2012 | Filed under American exceptionalism,Business,corruption,Culture Of Corruption,Patriotism | Posted by Warner Todd Huston

A bar in Charleston, South Carolina has been forced by the company that owns the property upon which the business sits to remove an American flag and the popular black flag that honors Vietnam POWs and MIAs that the bar manager had raised months ago.

Imagine in this day and age when we have soldiers in harm’s way in foreign lands this property management company is so unpatriotic like this!

In October of last year Hope and Marty Young, owners of the Chucktown Tavern, were asked by local military vets to raise the flags in honor of veterans. The flags have flown there ever since.

But in March the Youngs were abruptly told by landlords Beach Management to remove the flags presumably after another tenant complained about noise and other minor annoyances caused by the bar during an outdoor event held there.

One might think that Beach Management has some legal reasons for their actions? Perhaps there are some city statutes that are being violated?

Not so much.

What s even more confounding, he said, is that city leaders say the flags don t violate any part of the city code. Planning Director Tim Keane said Wednesday that both banners are legal under the city code because they aren t commercial in nature. He called them “just fine.”

Friend of the blog Jeff Quinton helps supply the contact info for Beach Management should you desire to let them know that forcing people to take down U.S. flags is not a neighborly thing to do.

The CEO of The Beach Company is Scissors-32x32.pngangry.png read more


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I think they are going to be flying later, per this article @Draggingtree


Look in one of the comments below the article


"Official statement from the beach company


we apologize for the misunderstanding pertaining to the display of flags at our property in charleston, sc. presently we only have approval from the city of charleston for green and red banners at this location.

since recent events we have not received documentation from the city of charleston of any sort that would give us the proper authority to make changes to the existing banners at this location; however with your encouragement, we are expediting a formal application to the charleston’s board of architectural review to allow other flags to be displayed.


furthermore, it has been brought to our attention that a south carolina law was passed in 2002, south carolina act no. 344, section 27-1-60, to allow the american flag to fly regardless of existing zoning laws. this being the case, an american flag will be raised and flown on each flag pole next week.


finally, and most importantly, we have the utmost respect and honor for our country and its veterans or those military personnel taken as prisoners of war (pow’s) or listed as missing in action (mia’s). we are proud americans who salute our armed forces heroes.


god bless america,

your friends at the beach company


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