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UW sanctioned 20 doctors for writing sick notes for protesters


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article_0869a5c6-7f47-11e1-a7f7-0019bb2963f4.html#ixzz1rDNjPH5MWisconsin State Journal: DAVID WAHLBERG



UW School of Medicine and Public Health disciplined 20 doctors for writing questionable sick notes for protesters last year, newly released records show, with three doctors getting the harshest penalty: fines of up to $4,000 and loss of leadership positions for four months.


"One of the problems is that virtually none of those involved acknowledge that they did anything wrong," wrote Dr. Norm Fost, head of a medical school investigatory committee that found the doctors seemed to be acting dishonestly, didn't provide competent care and failed to protect patient privacy.


Details of the medical school's disciplinary actions were revealed for the first time Thursday in more than 1,100 pages of records obtained by the State Journal under a public records request made last year. The Wisconsin Medical Examining Board disciplined some of the doctors in November.



Acting dishonestly? Try Fraud.

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Very strange that the local liberal press didn't cover this story.


One can only imagine the front page, special addition that would have appeared had these same docs been in support of a right winger!!


And so it goes in the socialist city of Madison, WI

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A clear case of "Bush's Fault"

Wisconsin has its cesspool pockets just like every other state.

We have ours in Maryland..it's called Baltimore City.

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