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GOP Voters Are Still Saying 'We Don't Want Romney!'


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gop-voters-say-anybody-but-romney.htmInvestors Business Daily:

A funny thing happened to Mitt Romney on the way to his coronation as the inevitable Republican candidate for president of the United States. Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado happened.

Rick Santorum beat him in all three states on the same day — and beat him by huge margins in two of those states, as well as upsetting him in Colorado, where the Mormon vote was expected to give Romney a victory.

The Republican establishment, which has lined up heavily behind Romney, has tried to depict him as the "electable," if not invincible, candidate this November.

But it is hard to maintain an aura of invincibility after you have been vinced, especially in a month when pundits had suggested that Romney might build up an unstoppable momentum of victories.

In a sense, this year's campaign for the Republican nomination is reminiscent of what happened back in 1940, when the big-name favorites — Sens. Taft and Vandenberg, back then — were eclipsed by a lesser-known candidate who seemed to come out of nowhere.

As the GOP convention that year struggled to try to come up with a majority vote for someone, a chant began in the hall and built to a crescendo: "We want Willkie! We want Willkie!"

If there is a message in the rise and fall of so many conservative Republican candidates during this year's primary season, it seems to be today's Republican voters saying, "We don't want Romney! We don't want Romney!"Scissors-32x32.png

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It looks as though the current four candidates are in all the way to the convention. Don't see any of them dropping out prior to then.


Can Santorum maintain? Doubt it. I still see it as Newt and Mitt battling it out.


Next debate is in Arizona on 2-22. Have a feeling Newt will find a friendly audience. He is sounding tough on controlling the border.


Arizona and Michigan next up and they are primaries, not caucuses. Newt takes Arizona and Mitt takes Michigan? Santorum battles RP for last place.


My SWAG, if it goes to convention, Newt wins. If it doesn't go that far, Newt wins. Newt will be the GOP nominee.

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I hope none drop out yet.

Rick raised 1M in the 24 hours since the MO, MN, CO "win" (still trying to like him as the candidate)


The Obama admin is gunning for Mitt. Look at AttackWatch. Everything is pretty much taking Mitt down.

I would think Mitt might have Michigan, but Rick with the unions and manufacturing in PA, might give him an advantage. Who knows.


I did not want to see this election go to "social issues", but Obama pushed it. Who knows where it will go.

Hang on folks, it is going to be a long couple of months.


What I am seeing on FB/Twitter....Obama does not have the supporters he used to have.

Foreign money/handouts/fraud is his only chance.


Still do not have a candidate that I can get behind.


That is the Rheo opinion. Not quite the same as Michael Barone or VDH, but there ya go. laugh.png


carry on!

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