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Soros Warns Of Chaos, But Supports People Creating It


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george-soros-ultimate-agent-of-chaos.htmInvestors Business Daily:

Politics: Billionaire George Soros has been warning in recent weeks of "chaos" coming to the West. That's curious. Because by the wildest of coincidences, he just happens to be supporting the radicals creating it.

The leftist speculator who seeks a one-world government hasn't been shy about whipping up instability. Like a street corner Marxist, he told Newsweek that class war was just around the corner.

"I am not here to cheer you up," he said. "The situation is about as serious and difficult as I've experienced in my career." The current financial crisis, he said, is like the fall of the Berlin Wall, a moral equivocation typical of his efforts to blur capitalism and communism.

Newsweek said he expressed sympathy for the Occupy fanatics who've sown chaos, crime and filth and predicted riots not just in Europe but in the U.S. as well, adding that "it's already started."

And that's where some scrutiny is warranted. How would a mega-billionaire in the cosseted world of finance have any idea what the unkempt Froot Loops of the Occupy camp-outs are "thinking"?

Start from the start:

• WikiLeaks. Soros heads the Open Society Institute. So, no surprise, he's supported similar groups dedicated to the most perverse idea of openness. WikiLeaks is a vile agent of chaos dedicated to exposing U.S. military and diplomatic secrets. Its funding is unknown, but Soros has bankrolled groups dedicated to the legal defense of its chieftain, Julian Assange, and Bradley Manning, the military dupe who leaked thousands of U.S. documents to the benefit of our enemies.Scissors-32x32.png

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