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Newt Gingrich's new campaign strategy: it's all about Texas


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newt-gingrichs-bizarree-new-campaign-strategy.htmlDaily Mail:

Another loss, another failure by Newt Gingrich to concede a race to the winner, Mitt Romney. Rather than deliver a speech, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives instead opted to hold a press conference to unveil a supposed new campaign strategy.

The weakness of his position during the rambling 22-minute event was underlined by the fact that he had to begin by denying he was planning to drop out. "I'm not going to withdraw," he said. "I'm actually pretty happy with where we are."

It has been reported that he woud announce he was "going positive" for the rest of the campaign. Instead, he unloaded a stream of peevish bile about Romney, quoting everyone from George Soros to Charles Krauthammer. He even cited a tweet by Larry Sabato.


Gingrich's new strategy? To "find a series of victories which by the end of Texas primary will leave us at parity" with Romney. Like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the Texas primary, with its massive winner-takes-all haul of 155 delegates, offers tantalising riches. But its current date of April 3rd is likely to be delayed by litigation.

Sooner or later, however, Gingrich will need to start winning again - and before April. He's not on the ballot in Missouri on Tuesday, when Romney is favoured in Colorado and Minnesota looks like a toss-up. Then we have Michigan and Arizona at the end of February, where Romney is the heavy favourite.

Gingrich is clearly investing a lot of hope in Super Tuesday on March 6th but that day he is not even on the ballot in his adopted home state of Virginia.


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