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U.s. Navy Repairs Iranian Fishing Dhow Stranded In Gulf


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(Reuters) - U.S. Navy personnel helped repair a stranded Iranian fishing boat on Tuesday, the Navy said, even as the two countries trade accusations about Iran's nuclear ambitions.

A U.S. military helicopter stationed on the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier, positioned in the Gulf, caught sight of the small Iranian fishing vessel, which was carrying nine crew members, the Navy said in a statement.


The crew of the traditional fishing vessel, or dhow, sent out a distress call after its engine overheated. Its crew were waving a cloth, the statement said.


With the Iranian crew's permission, personnel from a U.S. destroyer boarded the Iranian ship, and repaired the vessel's engine. U.S. personnel also freed a fouled propeller, the statement said.


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If we could get rid of the demagogues in both countries, we'd be all right most of the time,




'cept during football season of course....


Yeah, like that is going to happen.

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