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Cuban Communists Meet To Debate Party Overhaul


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Cuba's Communist Party opened an unprecedented two-day conference here Saturday to press for a "change of mentality" in the country's single-party political system to match efforts to reform the economy.

More than 800 delegates to the special conference have been given the task of overhauling a party that has ruled the island uncontested for 50 years but faces growing pressure to change its ways.

"There is no ideology without economy," the Communist Party newspaper Granma declared Saturday, setting the tone for the push to put the party in synch with a gradual opening of the state-dominated economy to private initiative.

The newspaper stressed that President Raul Castro's top priority is to overcome the party's attachment to "obsolete dogmas and criteria," which Granma likened to a psychological barrier.

Not up for discussion, however, is the Communist Party's monopoly on power or its Marxist-Lenninist principles.



The Revolution has lasted so long they don't know how to stop...

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