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Suggested Wine: Bogle Petite Sirah


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Bogle Petite Sirah 2009 from California



Cost is $14

TRR Rating of 7



Had this a few nights ago. Pretty basic, but good quality and smooth. Holds up to somewhat spicy food.

Used to drink this a lot for 2004/2005 vintage but then did not like the next few vintages. 2009 seems back on track.


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That did not work so well.... should have had image and description


OK got that fixed. Now need to clean up formatting.


Cleaned up. Can't figure out how to get the Type category from the database to here. If you add a wine in the database it will now generate an automatic new topic here in Wine. You can comment either here or in the wine database and it will reflect in both. If you update the wine info the starting topic gets updated.

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