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EU orders 13 nations to end cruelty to hens


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Brussels issued an ultimatum to 13 European nations Thursday to improve conditions for tens of millions of laying-hens held in tiny cramped cages -- or face legal action in two months.

One out of seven laying-hens in Europe -- or 47 million of 330 million-- are cooped up in cages no bigger than a standard piece of typing paper.

Under a 1999 law that came into force January 1 and ignored by half the members of the 27-country bloc, egg-laying hens must be kept in so-called "enriched cages", with "extra space to nest, scratch and roost."

The legislation states hens be given at least 750 square centimetres of space -- which is only a little larger than a piece of A4 paper -- as well as a nest-box, litter, perches and claw-shorteners "to satisfy their biological and behavioural needs."

"Full compliance with the requirements of the directive by member states is essential," a European Commission statement said.

Countries had 12 years to comply.



The nannystating chickens come home to roost, literally...rolleyes.gif

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I am of the opinion that the suffering many animals endure at man's hands is indescribable and unnecessary.

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